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Devkota Law Firm LLC is who you should call if you want experienced legal representation after you have been in a car accident. We know that there are many factors to consider after such an incident; the trauma, the vehicular repair or replacement cost, and any medical bills. Devkota Law Firm LLC will take all those factors into consideration when we determine how much compensation you should receive. An auto accident can be stressful and traumatic experience and no one should have to worry about any potential expenses afterward. Devkota Law Firm LLC will fight for you and make sure that your recovery is your main focus; we will take care of the rest.

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In the case of a car accident, you will likely be dealing with the insurance company rather than with whoever caused the accident; that is why legal representation is necessary, the insurance companies will always want to pay the minimum amount possible. Devkota Law Firm LLC is dedicated to helping auto accident victims but you can help yourself before we show up by taking pictures of the accident scene and any damage your vehicle received, if you are able. Visual proof makes it easier to get a settlement from the insurance company. Even if you neglect, or are unable, to provide visual evidence, Devkota Law FIrm LLC will represent you and make sure you receive proper compensation for all of your expenses; this includes any personal items, such as laptops or phones, that may have been damaged in the accident. We will also help with any out-of-pocket expenses, like taxis or other alternate means of transportation, that you incur.

If you were injured in the auto accident then professional legal representation is even more important. Insurance companies will only want to pay for injuries you have at the time rather than any injuries that may take some time to manifest, like whiplash; it is a common auto accident injury, but the problems caused by whiplash could take some time to appear. An expert auto accident lawyer is often needed because auto accidents can be more complex than they seem; one example being, if the driver that caused your accident was lent the vehicle by someone else, in that case the owner, not the driver, is the responsible party. If the vehicle that caused your accident was being operated by a driver in the service of an employer, then the employer is liable. Even the State can be liable if a bad road caused the accident; Devkota Law Firm LLC will provide conscientious legal representation regardless of how complex your case becomes and we will always do our best to make sure you receive proper compensation.

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The auto accident attorneys of the Devkota Law Firm have years of experience that they will use to help anyone in Kansas City and Lee’s County that has been in a car accident. We will help you with the insurance companies and any other entities involved in your auto accident claim. We will always do our best to ensure that our clients receive full and fair compensation for any expenses caused by the auto accident. If you live in any of the following locations and have been involved in a car accident, please call us for an evaluation of your case:

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