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The consequences of a dog bite can be severe; they can range from severe flesh wounds to serious infections. Devkota Law Firm LLC will represent victims of dog bites and make sure that the owner of the dog provides the proper compensation. It does not matter if the bite was a result of an accident or of malicious intent by the dog’s owner, we will provide the experienced legal representation that bite victims need.

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If you have been bitten by a dog, the first step is to seek medical attention, especially if the bite breaks the skin. The next step is to call Devkota Law Firm LLC so that we can help you receive compensation for any medical bills or lost wages resulting from the bite. Missouri is a strict liability State, meaning that under Missouri law, the owner of the dog is responsible for any damages to victims of that dog’s attack. It does not matter if the dog exhibited such behavior before, the only thing that matters is that the dog bite was unprovoked by the victim. If the dog has bitten someone before then the owner is susceptible to criminal charges as well.

Dog bite cases are usually resolved through insurance claims but you should consult with Devkota Law Firm LLC before any such negotiations take place; our dog bites attorneys will make sure that you receive a full compensation that pays for your medical bills and any lost wages. If you suffered a dog bite while working then you may be entitled to a worker’s compensation claim from your employer in addition to compensation from the owner. The injuries from a dog bite can be severe so gaining the maximum compensation is often necessary to take care of the medical bills incurred from such an injury.

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A dog bite can occur anywhere and Devkota Law Firm LLC is willing to represent clients from any location. Our lawyers have years of experience and will provide expert consultation to make sure that you get the proper compensation for your injuries. Our intention is always to hold the dog’s owner liable and prove that you were not at fault for the situation that resulted in your bite. If you are the victim of an unprovoked dog bite in any of the following areas, please give us a call:

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