Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes in Kansas

Thousands of motorcycle accidents occur in Kansas every year—many of them involve injuries, and even fatalities. High speeds combined with the minimal personal protection afforded by motorcycles make these accidents among the most dangerous on the road. Road hazards, driver negligence, weather conditions and a variety of other factors contribute to the frequency of motorcycle accidents in Kansas. Motorcyclists need to be ever vigilant when operating their vehicles.

DUI Motorcycle Accidents

Because of their smaller size and mass, motorcycles are easily overlooked by even sober drivers, but drunk drivers, with their impaired vision and hearing, are even less likely to see a motorcycle on the Kansas roadways. The CDC reports hundreds of DUI accidents with fatalities per year in the state of Kansas and additional state reports show that drunk driving is more common in Kansas than the national average. Furthermore, the CDC report shows that one out of every three traffic deaths involve drunk driving. That means that it’s more likely that a drunk driver could hit you and your motorcycle, injuring or killing you.

Aggressive Drivers Hitting Motorcycles

Even when no alcohol is involved, some drivers simply do not follow the rules of the road and that affects everyone. Cutting off other vehicles, running red lights, ignoring stop signs or traffic signals, sudden lane changes, and drag racing are just a few of ways aggressive drivers can cause accidents. If you are the victim of aggressive drivers, they may owe you compensation for the motorcycle accident injuries and damages they caused. If this is the case, you may need a personal injury attorney who represents motorcycle accident victims.

Bad Weather Wipeouts

From hot summers to icy winters, Kansas sees nearly all types of weather patterns. Motorcyclists know that wet roads are dangerous. Whether the ground is covered with ice or water from a summer rain, it only takes one patch of slick asphalt to cause you to wipe out on your bike and send you skidding across the highway. Experienced Kansas motorcycle riders know how important it is to use caution whenever operating on wet roads.

Bad Luck and Random Hazards

Sometimes, a random stroke of bad luck can cause a motorcycle accident. A pothole in the road, the glare off a building hitting your eyes at an angle, or even a plastic bag blowing across the road can lead to a wipeout. But sometimes, what seems to be a freak accident is actually caused by someone’s negligence. In those cases, you may be entitled to recover damages from the responsible party. A Kansas Criminal Defense lawyer can help provide guidance and represent you in your injury claim.

The Devkota Law Firm Serves Clients in Kansas City and Surrounding Areas

If you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident, you may need legal representation to organize your affairs, negotiate with your insurance company, and if necessary, take your claim to court. Whether you are at fault or you were injured by another driver, a personal injury lawyer can ensure that you receive the compensation that you’re entitled to. We work for the client on a contingency basis. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact one of our ten Kansas offices to schedule an initial consultation.

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