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If you have suffered a slip and fall accident then Devkota Law Firm LLC will help to take care of you. We will determine who is liable and do our best to get you the compensation for which you are entitled. That compensation will take care of any medical bills as well as any salary or wages if your injury causes you to miss work. Slip and fall cases can be contentious and an experienced slip and fall attorney is necessary to make sure that the negligent party provides fiduciary recompense for any injuries and suffering you receive. Devkota Law Firm LLC will fight for the rights of slip and fall victims in Kansas City and Lee’s Summit; call us for an appointment.

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A slip and fall is a common accident that can cause serious bodily harm; determining negligence is the most important part of receiving compensation for any injuries caused by the incident. Someone is legally responsible for your injury in the following instances: the property owner caused the slippery or uneven surface that resulted in your fall; the owner knew about the dangerous surface but neglected to fix it; the owner should have known about the dangerous surface because a reasonable and responsible person would. Devkota Law Firm LLC will try to prove that one of those situations resulted in your fall and that the owner should provide financial remuneration. The property owner will try to prove comparative negligence, meaning that you were partially or completely to blame for your accident, in order to reduce their liability;however, we have experience refuting those claims.

The injuries sustained in a slip and fall can range from minor bruising to limb and joint damage to back injuries to brain and spinal cord injuries. The attorneys of Devkota Law Firm LLC will always try to make sure that you receive damages that are commensurate with the severity of your injury. If your injury is serious enough that it causes you to miss work then we will make sure that is taken into account when determining your compensation. Slip and fall injuries are also a common workplace injury and if that is where your accident took place then we can help you receive the worker’s compensation needed to take care of your medical bills and any lost wages.

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The lawyers of the Devkota Law Firm have years of experience with slip and fall cases; we will use that experience to help our clients receive the compensation they need. We will always make the best effort to prove the liability of the responsible party and make sure that our clients do not have to worry about expensive medical bills or lost wages. If you have suffered a slip and fall in any of the following locations, please call us to receive an evaluation of your case:

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